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Some Sugar with your Syntax?

Some Sugar with your Syntax?

In the tutorial recently posted, I created the render state objects using some old-school syntax.

StencilAlways = new DepthStencilState();
StencilAlways.StencilEnable = true;
StencilAlways.StencilFunction = CompareFunction.Always;
StencilAlways.StencilPass = StencilOperation.Replace;
StencilAlways.ReferenceStencil = 1;
StencilAlways.DepthBufferEnable = false;

You can do this in a much better way nowadays.

StencilAlways = new DepthStencilState()
StencilEnable = true,
StencilFunction = CompareFunction.Always,
StencilPass = StencilOperation.Replace,
ReferenceStencil = 1,
DepthBufferEnable = false

I’ve seen this syntax before, but 20 years of habits die hard and I rarely remember to use it. Hopefully it will stick now, and make my crappy code that much less crappy.